Welcome to the Digital Occult Library

Here you will find information on occult studies organized so that academics, practitioners, and a general audience can learn and foster knowledge. While each group has specific interests and needs, all can benefit from the others’ perspectives.


You will find information tailored to a general audience, or people who have little or no knowledge on the subjects contained in this site, marked with an EYE icon.


Academics, students, teachers, professors, etc., will find the most relevant information for them marked with a BOOK icon.


Finally, those who practice the living occult arts, whether it be simple tarot readings or involved ritual magic, will see a HAND icon to direct them to content that can enrich their practices.


For more detailed information on the philosophy behind addressing each of these groups, as well as directions to the most relevant pages for each, please visit their individual pages.

You will find most pages integrate all three groups in a way that invites further exploration. In much the same way that multiple disciplines, philosophies, and cultures overlap in occult studies, so too does the information relevant to each group.

Practitioners can benefit greatly from the academic study of philosophy. A person with casual interest may find spiritual enlightenment or scientific interest in topics they would have previously dismissed as “nonsense”. Academics in any disciplines can find ideas for papers, lectures, or new research by exploring pathways that were previously unknown to them.

The “occult” is defined by knowledge that is hidden. The tradition fosters learning, both intellectually and spiritually, in ways that are often unconventional. It is best to approach the topic without any preconceived notions or biases (a habit that is best applied to most aspects of life). This way, what may have seemed dark, unapproachable, intimidating, or nonsensical may reveal itself to be of interest in your academic or everyday life.

This site is in no way intended to be a type of spiritual guide or proponent of any particular philosophy or faith other than one of intellectual exchange and growth. Everyone is welcome to their own beliefs but no disrespect will be tolerated. Instead of dismissing any ideas as “not real”, please be aware that some people do genuinely believe in many of these practices and rituals. While the psychological and social effects will be discussed here in an academic context, it vital to respect any and all perspectives (especially that of practitioners).

These disparate viewpoints, that of the logical scholar and the spiritual mystic, are meant to be integrated into this digital space so that they can learn from one another without judgement. By the same token, no one may press their own beliefs or systems onto anyone else. This is a platform meant to host KNOWLEDGE in a way that invites visitors to LEARN from each other and not to espouse any particular “truth”. The greatest barrier to learning is thinking that one knows already.

Aside from the the integration of different levels of knowledge, you will also find content has integrated different disciplines. History, philosophy, religion, literature, art, psychology, anthropology, medicine, and more may be cross referenced in any particular topic. My methodology is that by creating as holistic a view as possible, a subject may be best understood. Here is where the EYE icon can aid even the seasoned academic who may require information on an obscure topic.

No one will be expected to be fully knowledgeable or infallible on a subject (least of all myself). While there are certainly historical or physical facts that will not be debated, most of the topics involved with the occult are widely interpretable. I have curated the content here in a way that speaks to my particular interests and develops a holistic philosophy therein. This site is not the final word on anything, it is simply a fertile ground in which to explore and grow.

Be respectful, be open, and be curious.



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The name of this site is meant to invoke the impression of a small, dusty library filled with obscure volumes. I will be your host, guide, curator, and unofficial librarian sitting at the metaphorical help desk. While I fill these roles, I expect visitors to feel free to send me comments, questions, material, and suggestions. As the site progresses, I plan to implement pages where guests can do this directly as well as interact with one another. For now, please feel free to email me at digitaloccultlibrary@gmail.com